The Berserker 36”

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Every board is personally assembled with care in Toronto Canada 🇨🇦  by professionals.

This board is built to order and ships in 15 days 


Landyachtz Evo 36 Falcon

L: 36" | W: 9.5" | WB: 27.75"

100% Canadian Maple

Deep Concave

Drop Down

Made In Canada

Multiple Wheel Base Options



 EskateT.O classic 12 inch Double king pin trucks (as seen on the ronin XR)

 What are the benefits of gravity casting

  • Aluminum liquid flows into truck mould using gravity, by doing this you eliminate the likelihood of air in the truck mould.
  • A heat treatment is then done after de-moulding to further harden the material.
  • After heating the aluminum unfinished truck then achieves a Rockwell Scale grade of around HRB65.
  • This can support up to a 300lbs rider.




  • Fits 50mm motors
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Color: Black


Flipsky brushless dc motor H5065 200kv with 8mm D cut pulley 15T

 H5065 Motor Spec:


Voltage (V)



Max Current(A)

Max Power(W)

Li ion Cell








 SHAFT: Diameter 8mm



 Spec :

  • Natural black rubber tire street tread ,Aluminum alloy Rim
  • Size: 7'' ATM 175x50mm
  • Tire Width: 2''
  • Max Load Capacity: 100lbs Wheel
  • Wheel bearing:608
  • Pulley bearing: 6900
  • Pulley Teeth: 66T

This kit includes

  • 4x wheels
  • 2x belts
  • 2x pulley
  • 6x bearings
  • 4x screw nut
  • 4x bushing bearings

 6inch coming soon.


  • 445mm HTD 5M 15mm timing belts for 7 inch 


eBoosted premium quality Evo 36 enclosure

Made of fiberglass with flexible resin, they are pretty tough and won’t crack even if you abuse them and believe me we have.Dust and splash sealed to the deck.



EskateT.O 50.4v variable 1-5a fast charger with charge voltage and output amps

High Power Output: with up to 5 Amps of current, this charger has a maximum DC output of 162.72Watts, which is the equivalent energy consumption of cruising along at 25kmh, or a 1:1.7 ratio of charge to ride time.

Extend the Lifespan the Battery Pack by up to 400%:  if the battery pack is regularly charged to around 4.05v (or 80% nominal capacity), it will help to preserve the useful lifespan of a lithium-ion battery pack by up to four times the standard cycle rating. A typical modern 21700 cell is rated to retain 70% of the original capacity after around 800-1100 discharge/recharge cycles. With a partial charging, this can well exceed 2500 cycles!

Partial Charging is also Safer: cells are extremely sensitive to the slightest amount of over-charging voltage beyond 4.21v. Because an Electric Skateboards use regenerative braking for slowing the board down, on a full battery, it’s possible to exceed the maximum voltage causing harm & premature degradation to the pack. Charging to 80-90% provides the battery with a capacity buffer to absorb the surplus energy of braking after a charge.

Variable Current: on the side of the charger is a Current selector, you can choose the output Amps, ranging from 1-5. At 5 amps, at 1.25A per cell, which is still well below the battery manufacturers standard specification of 2A-3.395A.

IMPORTANT!: Do not use this charger on other Electric skateboards, which have the same connectors, if the charge rate is too high for a particular pack, it may severely degrade the longevity of the pack, and can pose a fire risk.

Voltage/Current Display: both the voltage & current are shown on a large LCD display mounted on the top of the charger. This gives you an instant snapshot on the exact progress of the charging status. When the current starts to drop, it is an indication that Constant Current (CC) phase has completed & is now starting the Constant (CV)—this is where the battery is about 80% charged & where the charging cycle starts to ramp down. CC/CV mode is attained only at the 100% voltage selection, on the 80-90% setting, once the set voltage is reached, the charge cycle will terminate.



12s3p 50.4v LG M50T 648wh & 12s4p 50.4v LG M50T 864wh

max charge rate 5A

discharge XT60

charge XT30 dual split port to male GX16-4

LG M50T 21700 5000mAh Battery - INR21700-M50T

Cell Specifications:

  • Model: INR21700-M50T
  • Size: 21700
  • Style: Flat Top
  • Nominal Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Nominal capacity Wh: 18.20Wh
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6v
  • Approximate Dimensions: 21.1mm x 70.2mm
  • Approximate Weight: 68.2g
  • 10A max safe discharge (potential to do 15A but the curve but the sag goes too deep so I have listed 10A as the safe max. -Please review LG data sheet for more info-)
  • Cells should rest 5 min after charge and 10min after discharge.



EskateT.O Stock 85A Bushing set.

Nothing special here yet. We are still trying different bushing configuration and trying to settle on the highest performing option but this requires months of riding before a certain specific style and weight based Option list can be made.



The Beserker Remote:

Remote Paring Mode instructions

  1. Press and hold remote power button for 6 seconds
  2. press and hold power button on board for 6 seconds
  3. Unit of measurement system settings - this setting will give you options to select two units of measurements “Km/h - km & Mp/h - Miles”
  4. Motor style system settings - “Hub & Belt“
  5. Wheel diameter system settings - wheel options from 80mm to 175mm
  6. Wheel gear system settings - ratio settings
  7. Main menu

Remote Power on instructions

  1. Press and hold power button on remote for 3 seconds power on.
  2. Press and hold power button on remote for 3 seconds when board is not in motion to power off.

Remote speed mode instructions

  1. (1) Slow mode up to 25km/h
  2. (2) Eco mode up to 35km/h reduced initial power for reduced energy consumption.
  3. (3) turbo mode 45km/h plus (please message us for top speed on a closed circuit track)

Remote reverse instructions

  1. Bring your board to a complete stop.
  2. double click the lower big 3 line slashed oval mode selector button located below the power button to change wheel direction to either forward or reverse as indicated by the arrow on the far right section of the lcd on the remote.
  3. double click again to change wheel direction again.

Remote cruise control instructions

  1. With your board and remote on and in motion use the thumb dial on the remote to set your desired speed under 32km/h.
  2. Then click the mode select for button to log your current speed and output.
  3. Maintain your thumb wheel position for 4 seconds after the initial mode selector button click.
  4. Enjoy your set cruising speed.
  5. To exit cruise control move the thumb wheel forward or backwards to increase speed or decrease speed and smoothly exit cruise control.


(if you have any of these issues please contact Eskatet.o@gmail.com)

  1. Motor stall motor lcd notification with vibrations
  2. Overheat notification that persists with non extreme use.
  3. Motor disconnect notification
  4. Excessive low signal or remote disconnection notifications.


  • Remote x 1
  • USB C 6cm long charge cable x 1


New 12s EskateT.O ESC 50mm belt and Direct drive combo esc!


This means you can get our ronin direct drive kit and never need belts again!!




(PERFORMANCE AND REAL WORLD RESULTS( TOP SPEED AND RANGE tested with 163lbs rider with gear on. All roads considered):

45-50 km range with 7 inches on 12s3p 

55-65km range with 120mm cloud wheels 12s3p

55-60km range with 7 inches on 12s4p

60-70km range with 120mm cloud wheels 12s4p


varies with wheel and riders weight average 45-60kmh depending on your ratio and wheels.