The Ronin

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The roads are calling, discover your freedom.


Super slim high quality carbon fiber deck with an opulent W-concave.

120mm cloud wheels.

Direct Drive dual motor 6000 watt

Diameter:63mm external diameter 70mm with metal sleeve 

Max AMPS:75A 

10s4p Samsung 21700 battery with 2A fast charger. 7-8 hour charge time. ( new fast charger option available please email us for more details)

60km+ Range with Samsung 21700 battery, 45km/hr+ max speed with Samsung battery. 

Hill climbing capabilities of up to 32%. Tested on wet and icy roads.

REMOTE Setup Late 2020 version only.

The Beserker Remote:

Remote Paring Mode instructions

  1. Press and hold remote power button for 6 seconds
  2. press and hold power button on board for 6 seconds
  3. Unit of measurement system settings - this setting will give you options to select two units of measurements “Km/h - km & Mp/h - Miles”
  4. Motor style system settings - “Hub & Belt“
  5. Wheel diameter system settings - wheel options from 80mm to 175mm
  6. Wheel gear system settings - ratio settings
  7. Main menu

Remote Power on instructions

  1. Press and hold power button on remote for 3 seconds power on.
  2. Press and hold power button on remote for 3 seconds when board is not in motion to power off.

Remote speed mode instructions

  1. (1) Slow mode up to 25km/h
  2. (2) Eco mode up to 35km/h reduced initial power for reduced energy consumption.
  3. (3) turbo mode 45km/h plus (please message us for top speed on a closed circuit track)

Remote reverse instructions

  1. Bring your board to a complete stop.
  2. double click the lower big 3 line slashed oval mode selector button located below the power button to change wheel direction to either forward or reverse as indicated by the arrow on the far right section of the lcd on the remote.
  3. double click again to change wheel direction again.

Remote cruise control instructions

  1. With your board and remote on and in motion use the thumb dial on the remote to set your desired speed under 32km/h.
  2. Then click the mode select for button to log your current speed and output.
  3. Maintain your thumb wheel position for 4 seconds after the initial mode selector button click.
  4. Enjoy your set cruising speed.
  5. To exit cruise control move the thumb wheel forward or backwards to increase speed or decrease speed and smoothly exit cruise control.


(if you have any of these issues please contact Eskatet.o@gmail.com)

  1. Motor stall motor lcd notification with vibrations
  2. Overheat notification that persists with non extreme use.
  3. Motor disconnect notification
  4. Excessive low signal or remote disconnection notifications.


  • Remote x 1
  • USB C 6cm long charge cable x 1

deck length 100cm, width 26cm,battery place: internal length 46.4cm, width 15.9cm,highth 2.4cm


Ships worldwide 

Final version.