Evolve carbon GT 12s upgrade kit

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Specifically with these kits we tried to cover all the pain points we experienced with the several carbon GT boards we have service or upgraded in the past.

This is a carbon GT REVIVAL KIT if your esc dead or your battery sucks or maybe both this kit will check all your boxes.

local pickup and Shipping available 

this kit is a 2/10 difficulty on the DIY scale and was made to be as easy as possible. Most people if not all people can assemble this with minimal effort (less then 20min)


  • 1 x New 12s esc and remote with LCD ( this remote will cover all your previous features and give you more options for wheel sizes 80mm-175mm)
  • 1 x Samsung 35E flat pack battery (12s3p 50.4v 18650 470wh)
  • 1 x 2.5 charger ( can be charged up to 4A)
  • This board will give you 45-55km total range with evolve range standard equation while providing much less voltage sag then your stock pack

TOTAL COST: $850 tax/shipping out included 

This configuration will make your board feel new!

Total watts output with this battery esc combo was tested and calculated while riding with full battery on a 10% incline directly from the battery directly and from the esc and was calculated at a maximum of 1487W this means big power!

Tested with a 170lbs rider with full gear using 7 inch evolve AT wheels and belt/gearing. Stock 140kv motors

Max speed: 49km/h(with 7inch)

Max range: 44.7km (with 7 inch)

More wheel size tests coming soon!!

Builders note: (no sensors are required to run this kit!)