12" Double Kingpin Trucks Dual Belt drive Kits From Flipsky

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6374 / 140kv
6354 / 140kv
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The Group T3 DIY Electric Skateboard Full Truck and Motor Kits Includes:

1*12"Double Kingpin Trucks(front and back truck)<Random send black or golden color if without order notes>

1*motor mount mount (pairs)For 12" kingpin trucks 63 series random option

4*120mm Cloud Wheels(pls let us know which color do you prefer,If without order notes we will send  random color)

1*Gear Synchronous Wheel Kit ( exclude Belt cover )

2*275mm belts

2*Flipsky Battle Hardened 6354 or 6374 Motor With Pulley( 10mmD-shaft motors-99mm length)

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