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Fast Charger (Begode/EskateT.O)

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    EskateT.O chargers. 

    includes 1x  charger in your voltage & 1x gx16-4pin fast charge port


    Extend the Lifespan the Battery Pack by up to 400%:  if the battery pack is regularly charged to around 4.05v (or 80% nominal capacity), it will help to preserve the useful lifespan of a lithium-ion battery pack by up to four times the standard cycle rating. A typical modern 21700 cell is rated to retain 70% of the original capacity after around 800-1100 discharge/recharge cycles. With a partial charging, this can well exceed 2500 cycles!

    Partial Charging is also Safer: cells are extremely sensitive to the slightest amount of over-charging voltage beyond 4.21v. Because an Electric Skateboards use regenerative braking for slowing the board down, on a full battery, it’s possible to exceed the maximum voltage causing harm & premature degradation to the pack. Charging to 80-90% provides the battery with a capacity buffer to absorb the surplus energy of braking after a charge.

    IMPORTANT!: Do not use this charger on other Electric skateboards, which have the same connectors, if the charge rate is too high for a particular pack, it may severely degrade the longevity of the pack, and can pose a fire risk.

    Voltage/Current Display: both the voltage & current are shown on a large LCD display mounted on the top of the charger. This gives you an instant snapshot on the exact progress of the charging status. When the current starts to drop, it is an indication that Constant Current (CC) phase has completed & is now starting the Constant (CV)—this is where the battery is about 80% charged & where the charging cycle starts to ramp down. CC/CV mode is attained only at the 100% voltage selection, on the 80-90% setting, once the set voltage is reached, the charge cycle will terminate.

    We will email you confirming what wheel or board you are using before to confirm compatibility with your battery for 6a+ chargers


    THERE IS A 10-20 day lead time for all chargers. We do not do fast dispatch!!!!!!. It is vital that these chargers are very closely inspected and pass all level of QC. If you are looking for cheap and fast turn around do not buy this charger. We will only ship perfect high quality units! If you are unwilling to wait for perfection you will be issues a full refund at your request before the charger has shipped.